JAGs Bowtique Designs Where we like to know our customers beyond their initials or mongram.

Monogramming 101

Traditional Monogramming Guidelines:

·       Women: first LAST middle

o   Mackenzie Elizabeth Golomski: MGE

 ·     Married Women: first LAST maiden

o   Julie Albus Golomski: JGA

 ·     Men: FIRST MIDDLE LAST (Most Common) or first LAST middle

o   Paul Joseph Golomski: PJG or PGJ

·       Married Couples: bride LAST groom

o   Julie and Paul Golomski: JGP

o   JAGs follows the rule "Ladies first" with Ladies first name initial first, Married last name initial-larger in center, and Husband's first name initial on the right.

A few guidelines for placing personalized orders online:

1. Think about the initials and typestyle you choose. Specific letters may not read clearly in an specific font. If you have concerns, contact us before placing your order.

2. Make 100% certain the initials you enter are correct.  If you are adding text, CAPITALIZE exactly as you want it to be.  If we receive an order with all lowercase wording, that is how we will create it.

3. Think about the thread color choice.  If you have questions, please contact us before placing your order and we can guide you in the correct direction.

4. We cannot be responsible for typed errors, change in style or color choice.  So think hard before ordering:)